Hans Aksel Haugen

Tel-Tek, Work Package 2 leader, Transport

My main role in ALIGN-CCUS is leader for Work Package 2, on removing technical barriers to large-scale CO2 transport. I am also involved in WP5, Targeted CCUS activities in industrial clusters: task 5.4 on the Grenland Cluster in Norway. To date, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) has not reached a level of implementation, which reflects the urgency we face when it comes to fighting climate change. Lack of action is often a consequence of uncertainty regarding cost for key elements in the CCUS chain, and thus a reluctance to invest in necessary infrastructure. This is coupled with incomplete knowledge and understanding of the cost drivers and how to overcome the remaining challenges throughout the chain.

Being involved in CCUS since its early days, I have seen that transport of captured CO2, from the source to a storage site, has often been looked upon as a relatively easy task. Compared to the technological challenges related to capture and the (often) negative public focus on storage, the transport part of the chain rightfully may not seem very challenging. However, transporting CO2 cost-efficiently and safely is vital to developing infrastructure for large-scale implementation of the technology. Therefore, since the ALIGN-CCUS project will address key remaining challenges along the full chain, the project has the potential to make a real difference with regard to bringing CCUS forward in Europe.