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The ALIGN-CCUS testing facility. Photo: RWE

ALIGN-CCUS project partners at RWE have produced synthetic fuel using carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from the flue gas of a coal-fired power station.

The breakthrough has been made at RWE’s Niederaussem Power Station in North Rhine-Westphalia using a demonstration synthesis unit, which powered up last November.

The ALIGNwiki, launched today, is a web-based knowledge platform that has been developed collaboratively by key experts active in the project. Integrated into the ALIGN-CCUS project website, the Wiki provides user-friendly access to the objectives and outputs of the project.     

We are in uncharted waters as governments worldwide seek to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Our work on climate action remains as important as ever and our research teams will continue to work as best they can under these challenging circumstances.

ALIGN-CCUS’s unique carbon capture and utilisation testing facility powers up at RWE Niederaussem. Find out more about this exciting research development and watch RWE’s timelapse video of the pilot plant being constructed.

Lydia Rycroft of TNO reports on the recent launch of RWE's CCU demonstration plant at Niederaussem, Germany, and developments hot off the press from the consortium's latest general assembly.