Flying the ALIGN-CCUS flag at GHGT-14

At the end of October, a team of ALIGN-CCUS research partners took the latest findings of our European project to an international audience at the GHGT-14 conference in Melbourne, Australia.

The GHGT conference series is the largest international gathering of carbon capture and storage (CCS) experts, and this year’s event was made even more pertinent by the IPCC’s recent report on global efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The much-anticipated study said the world would need to “rely significantly” on carbon dioxide (CO2) removal technologies, including CCS, if global warming is to be limited to 1.5C, and could have just 12 years to take the necessary actions.

Our ALIGN-CCUS partners fielded a wide range of talks and posters covering the conference themes of storage, CCUS and industry, and capture technologies. These included steps to achieve storage readiness for Europe’s industrial regions, other targeted research and development for these high-emitting clusters and various approaches to improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of capturing CO2.

The GHGT-14 conference also created an opportunity to co-host a knowledge exchange workshop with Australian research agency, CSIRO, in order to share current research and explore the potential for future collaborations. Researchers from the ALIGN-CCUS project, CSIRO and a number of Australian universities participated in the workshop.

Peter van Os, of TNO and the ALIGN-CCUS project leader, said: “We had a great exposure of ALIGN-CCUS research at the GHGT-14 conference, with a number of oral presentations and posters. We then held a joint knowledge exchange workshop with CSIRO, which was a great opportunity. ALIGN-CCUS really wants to collaborate with countries and organisations in and outside Europe.

“At the workshop, we exchanged information about what our teams are already engaged in, and also tried to find angles that we can work together on. Altogether, it was a very successful trip to Melbourne and we’d like to thank IEAGHG and the GHGT team for delivering another excellent and globally relevant event.”

SCCS Research Associate, Dr Gareth Johnson, filmed short interviews with some of the ALIGN-CCUS partners during GHGT-14 week. Watch the playlist on our dedicated YouTube channel.