Knowledge-sharing: ALIGN-CCUS at 10th Trondheim CCS Conference

Next month, scientists from the ALIGN-CCUS project will travel to Norway to share their findings from a range of research areas at the 10th Trondheim CCS Conference, or TCCS10.

As we reach the midway point of ALIGN-CCUS, our project partners will present results from their leading research on public perception, enabling CO2 transport, countering the degradation of capture solvents, designing for CO2 injection and planning for offshore CO2 transport and storage.

This bi-annual event is now a globally recognised arena for the science behind carbon capture and storage (CCS) and it will play host to over 400 leading experts, who will describe their work through oral presentations and posters. The conference, which is hosted by SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, also features a special award for outstanding achievements within the field of CCS.


Is public debate around carbon capture and storage changing? Exploring statements and visual frames used in Dutch newspapers

Emma ter Mors and Christine Boomsma, Social and Organisational Psychology department, Leiden University, The Netherlands (ALIGN-CCUS work package 6, Society)
Wed 19 June, 11am (session includes panel discussion)

Review of CO2 specifications and experimental data used for verifications [in CO2 transport]
Arne Dugstad and Gaute Svenningsen, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway (ALIGN-CCUS work package 2, Transport)

De-oxygenation as countermeasure for the reduction of oxidative degradation of CO2 capture solvents
Roberta V. Figueiredoa, Daphne Bakkera, Arjen Huizingaa, Juliana Monteiroa, Earl Goetheer, TNO, The Netherlands (ALIGN-CCUS work package 1, Capture)
Wed 19 June, 12.40pm

Network design and flexibility for low-pressure depleted gas reservoirs: hot or cold CO2?
A.Twerda, S. Belfroid, F. Neele, TNO, The Netherlands (ALIGN-CCUS work package 3, Storage)
Wed 19 June, 3.20pm

Planning CO2 transport and storage infrastructure in the Netherlands offshore
Ton Wildenborg, Daniël Loeve & Filip Neele, ECN.TNO, The Netherlands (ALIGN-CCUS work package 2, Transport, & 3, Storage)
Tues 18 June, 5pm

Corrosivity of degraded mea solvent and fresh solvent added organic acids and salts
Kjell-Arne Solli & Zulkifli Idris, University of South-Eastern Norway (ALIGN-CCUS work package 1, Capture)
Wed 19 June, 1.40pm

Corrosivity of mea solvent at stripper conditions
Kjell-Arne Solli & Zulkifli Idris, University of South-Eastern Norway (ALIGN-CCUS work package 1, Capture)

TCCS10 takes place in Trondheim from 17 – 19 June. Full programme here