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ALIGN-CCUS’s unique carbon capture and utilisation testing facility powers up at RWE Niederaussem. Find out more about this exciting research development and watch RWE’s timelapse video of the pilot plant being constructed.

Lydia Rycroft of TNO reports on the recent launch of RWE's CCU demonstration plant at Niederaussem, Germany, and developments hot off the press from the consortium's latest general assembly.

The ALIGN-CCUS project’s CCU demonstration plant has begun to take shape at RWE’s Innovation Centre at Niederaussem, in Germany, with the installation of Asahi-Kasei’s alkaline electrolyser.

A recent international event in the Netherlands, focusing on the delivery of carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) in the North Sea region, provided delegates with the opportunity to practise methods for engaging effectively with local stakeholders.

Don’t miss our latest webinar, which focuses on the legal aspects of re-using North Sea infrastructure as part of future carbon capture and storage networks in the region.

Joris Gazendam, of the University of Groningen’s Centre of Energy Law, explores reuse options under the decommissioning regimes of Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and considers how the temporal gap problem - the space between the end of hydrocarbon activities and the start of CO2 storage activities - can be solved.