Project Outputs

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Results from the ALIGN-CCUS project derive from six distinct work packages, which each have different timescales for delivery. All report deliverables can be found on the ALIGNwiki. Choose a work package then a relevant topic/question to access downloadable versions.

This page features journal papers, publications and presentations, which are not classed as project deliverables.

Our outputs have also been shared in other ways, such as webinars, e-newsletters, media engagement and social media. Our final dissemination event in late 2020 will be a focal point for the dissemination of all project results and conclusions.

  • WP3 Strategic storage for European Industrial Clusters


ERA-NET ACT ALIGN Storage in depleted fields, CO2Geonet Open Forum, 2019, Venice

CO2 Injection In Low Pressure Depleted Reservoirs, EAGE 5th CO2 workshop, 2018, Utrecht

Initiating large-scale storage in the Netherlands offshore, GHGT-14, 2018, Melbourne

ALIGN-CCUS: Expanding large-scale storage for industry, CO2Geonet Open Forum, 2018, Venice

GHGT-14 abstracts, 2018, Melbourne

Steps to achieve storage readiness for European industrial CO2 source clusters

Targeted CCUS R&D activities in industrial clusters

Initiating large-scale storage in the Netherlands offshore

  • WP6 Implementing CCUS in society

Societal perception and acceptance of CCUS [Maatschappelijke perceptie en acceptatie van CCUS]. Oral presentation at CCS knowledge session, The Hague, The Netherlands, October 2019

The role of ‘place attachment’ in CCUS acceptance: Understanding attitudes towards industrial CCUS. Poster presentation at UKCCSRC Network Conference, Cambridge, UK, March 2018

Great green bribe or good practice? Community compensation in the context of Carbon Capture and Storage. Oral presentation at IAPS, Rome, Italy, July 2018 (abstract)

Why do public responses to CCUS matter if CO2 is stored offshore? Carbon Capture Journal, Sept-Oct 2018 (also published as a blog on ALIGN-CCUS website)

Public debate on carbon capture and storage: Statements and visual frames. Oral presentation at BEHAVE, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2018 (abstract)

Psychologists test societal acceptance of underground CO2. Expert interview on Leiden University website, republished in Carbon Capture Journal, September, 2018.

Public perception of energy projects. Expert interview on Leiden University website, March 2019

Community compensation in the context of CCUS: Key debates and current practices. Contribution to Webinar ‘public communication and engagement’ organised by the ENOS Project, June 2019 (presentation)

Is public debate around carbon capture and storage changing? Exploring statements and visual frames in Dutch newspapers. Oral presentation at TCCS, Trondheim, Norway, June 2019 (abstract)

The importance of community engagement for underground CO2 storage: Lessons and insight from the field. Oral presentation at ICEP, Plymouth, UK, September 2019 (abstract)