University of Sheffield - UK CCS Research Centre - Pilot Advanced Capture Test Facilities


The University of Sheffield’s Energy 2050 initiative aims to develop a sustainable, affordable and secure energy supply for the future, focusing on advanced conventional power generation and with a major emphasis on CCS. The Energy 2050 programme is one of the UK’s largest energy research institutes. Sheffield is a founder member and the current grant holder of the UK CCS Research Centre. It also manages and operates the national CCS testing facilities, UKCCSRC PACT.

UKCCSRC PACT supports industrial and academic R&D to accelerate the development and commercialisation of novel technologies for carbon capture and clean power generation. Sheffield is also the lead UK institution in the International CCS Test Centre Network. The University of Sheffield hosts the UK Centre for Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (CDU), manages CO2Chem – a networking and research community focusing on CO2 conversion – and is a partner in the national PhD training centre for CCS.

The PACT facilities will be used during ALIGN-CCUS for research into solvents used for CO2 capture from natural gas-derived flue gases.