Tom Mikunda

TNO, Work Package 5 leader, Industrial Clusters

In ALIGN-CCUS, I’m leader for Work Package 5 (WP5), Targeted CCUS activities in industrial clusters, and oversee the project’s dissemination activities in Work Package 0. In recent years, I’ve focused quite considerably on the application of CCUS in industrial applications, and particularly on the potential benefits of “clustering” multiple CO2 capture projects to take advantage of economies of scale. From a personal point of view, I believe that CCUS is the only near-term solution for achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions from many industrial sectors, where emitting CO2 is an unavoidable part of their processes. WP5 is not only a very important but also a challenging work package, as it is dependent on results from the other work packages, needing to integrate outputs from other topics, such as reducing CO2 capture costs, de-risking geological storage and designing effective communication strategies for industrial CCUS projects.

Having been involved in the ALIGN-CCUS project from the outset, I was convinced that it had to be innovative, not only from a technical perspective but also in the way that it’s portrayed to non-experts and the public. Considerable time has been invested in the development of an inclusive and attractive dissemination strategy to showcase the project. So, in addition to frequent newsletters and webinars, ALIGN-CCUS will create the “ALIGN-Wiki”, a publicly available, user-friendly online knowledge sharing platform accessible from the project’s eye-appealing website. I’m committed to ensure that all the deliverables of ALIGN-CCUS are successfully completed, and the public and private funding in the project generates the maximum impact.