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The British Geological Survey (BGS), a centre of the Natural Environment Research Council, is the principal supplier of geological expertise in the UK. BGS co-ordinated the ground-breaking European Joule 2 project in the 1990s and has taken a leading role in numerous major EU/industry and government-funded projects. In the last two years, BGS has carried out more than 40 CO2 storage research projects and studies for a range of customers, including the UK Research Council, direct ‘national capability funding’, the EU (RISCS, SiteChar, CO2 CARE, and ULTimate CO2), industry and the UK and overseas governments.

BGS has extensive experience of CO2 storage site monitoring activities for saline aquifers and depleted fields, including the recent IEAGHG Offshore monitoring review (2014). BGS staff are active members of the European Energy Research Alliance’s Joint Programme on CCS and the ECCSEL European distributed network of CCS infrastructure. BGS hosts three UK ECCSEL facilities and is also a founding member of the CO2GeoNet storage network.