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RWE Power AG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RWE AG and one of Germany’s largest power producers. About 11,000 employees are working in lignite open cast mines, power plants, upgrading facilities and administration. The company contributes with its power production capacity of about 14 GW to the broad energy mix of lignite, hard coal, nuclear power, gas and renewables of the RWE Group. RWE Power invests in the construction of new highly efficient power plants and the development of environment friendly technologies for the power production in the future. For RWE Power CCU and CCS are seen as important options to reach the climate targets.

RWE Power is active in the development and testing of CCU and CCS technologies since 2005. RWE Power was and is partner in various national, European and international projects to develop CO2capture, transport, utilization and storage. Since 2007 the post-combustion pilot CO2 plant which is part of RWE’s Coal Innovation Centre at Niederaussem is for more than 60,000 hours in operation as part of a development program on optimization of capture technology.

The operational infrastructure at Niederaussem (24/7 operation) will be used for comprehensive experimental and long-term testing campaigns under real boundary conditions of the ALIGN-CCUS demonstrator and the full CCU-chain, comprising: CO2-capture plant, CO2-compression/filling unit and the ALIGN-CCUS demonstration plant. RWE’s Coal Innovation Centre at Niederaussem as testing site of the demonstration plant is widely known in research and engineering for testing of new technologies under real industrial boundary conditions to achieve commercial status and to prepare large-scale implementation.