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SINTEF (SINTEF Foundation) is a part of the SINTEF Group, the largest independent non-commercial research organisation in Scandinavia. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry (SINTEF MC) is an Institute within the foundation, which provides high levels of expertise in materials technology, advanced materials and nanotechnology, applied chemistry and biotechnology. SINTEF MC has been involved in several EU projects as well as national research projects on CO2 capture and storage supported by international industrial partners.

The CO2 Capture Process Technology group at the Department of Sustainable Energy Technology will mainly contribute to the ALIGN CCUS project. The group will work closely with the project group at the Environmental Engineering at the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTNU. The two groups form a world-leading team on CO2 capture related to chemical absorption. They will have at their disposal a broad range of high-quality experimental equipment and pilot plants for solvent development and characterisation. The group will also collaborate with the Department of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine at SINTEF MC.