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Research institute SINTEF Petroleum Research (SINTEF PR) is fully owned by the SINTEF Foundation, the parent company of Scandinavia's largest research organisation. SINTEF PR has particularly strong expertise in reservoir, pressure modelling, capacity modelling and well integrity, directed towards CO2 storage. The institute led scientific work related to CO2 storage in the recently completed BIGCCS Centre and has a central role in new CO2 storage research in the recently started Norwegian CCS Research Centre.

SINTEF PR investigates exploration for and qualification of storage sites, management of storage resources, CO2 storage site behaviour, development of advanced methods for interpretation of monitoring data, modelling of leakage and methods for remediation of unwanted storage behaviour, and evaluation of CO2-EOR. It has contributed to several large EU projects on CO2 storage, including IMPACTS, SACS, ECCO, CASTOR, ULCOS, DYNAMIS, CO2GEONET, CO2ReMoVe, RISCS, SiteChar and MiReCoL.

SINTEF’S Tiller pilot site will be used to study solvent management, second generation CESAR1 solvent system, and post-combustion capture modelling.