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The CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM DA) is located next to the Statoil refinery in Mongstad, Norway. It is a joint venture set up by Gassnova representing the Norwegian state, Statoil, Shell, and Sasol. The facility is one of the largest post-combustion CO2 capture test centres in the world. The amine plant, designed and constructed by Aker Solutions and Kværner, is being offered to vendors of solvent-based CO2 capture technologies to test performance and reduce the environmental impact of amines and amine-based degradation products from such processes.

TCM will conduct a minimum two-month test campaign with 24/7 operation of the amine plant as part of the ALIGN project. Its experiences relating to emissions, including aerosols, degradation and safe operation in industrial environment is highly relevant in this project. Operational and technological experiences built up over several years of testing will also be important.

The test centre will be used during the ALIGN-CCUS project for the study of CO2 capture solvent systems.